How to Make Glow in the Dark Balloons

Everyone loves a venue decorated with balloons.  Be it a kids birthday party, a baby shower, 4th of July, or no reason at all.  There is something captivating about these big inflated balls of color that bring life to any party.  They are bright, they are festive, they are fun.

But did you know they could glow?

Glow in the dark balloons will light up your party leaving your guests wondering how exactly you did that.

Well it’s easy.  You will need:

  • helium balloons
  • glow sticks (get the smaller bracelet size glow sticks, not the necklace size)
  • helium machine

How to do it:

  • Begin by bending or twisting the glow sticks until you hear a ‘pop’ and they start to glow
  • Blow up the balloon about half way
  • Carefully insert the glow stick in the balloon without letting out too much air
  • Finish blowing up the balloon

TIPS:  The glow sticks only glow for a certain amount of time, usually 6 hours.  Be sure to inflate the balloons keeping this timeframe in mind.

Get creative with your glow in the dark balloons.  Instead of using helium, just blow the balloon up regularly and place them on the front lawn to let guests know exactly where the party is!

Or place them in a pool for a nice glowing ambiance for a romantic dinner.

Wherever you put your Glow In The Dark Balloons it is sure to create a night time party your guests will remember for a long time!


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